Matt Ferchen


Here are my articles focusing primarily on the international side of Chinese Political Economy.


Max Baucus and Montana’s Asian Diplomatic Legacy” Caijing, March 5 2014

Max Baucus follows in an important Montana tradition of East Asian policy and diplomacy.


Time to Rethink China’s Peaceful Development PolicyCarnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, November 6, 2013

China’s leaders cannot neglect foreign policy at the third plenum.



“The China Model in Transition: Domestic and International Implications” Javeriana University, “China and Latin America: Strategic Partners in a Multipolar World?,” September 3, 2012


Self-Serving Firms Hurt Delicate Diplomacy” Global Times, November 11 2011 (Chinese version here)

China’s future role in the international community is hotly debated both inside and outside the country. It remains to be seen how China’s growing public power might affect the government’s foreign policy.

Export Dependence: If China Stops, Then What?” (with Alicia Garcia-Herrero) China Economic Quarterly, Volume 15, Issue 3, September 2011: 33-37

For the last decade South American exports of mining, agricultural, and energy commodities to China have boomed, leading countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Chile to worry about rising commodity dependency on China.

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