Matt Ferchen


Here are my articles focusing primarily on the domestic side of Chinese Political Economy.


The Contradictions of China’s Developing Country Identity” Caijing, June 14 2014

The latest World Bank report predicts China will likely surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy in 2014. This report underscores the contradiction in China’s identity as a developing country.


Whose China Model Is It Anyway? The Contentious Search for ConsensusReview of International Political Economy (RIPE), April 3, 2013

Any comparative exercise that contrasts the Chinese model of state–economy relations with that of the United States is inherently political and prone to various angles of critique


“The China Model in Transition: Domestic and International Implications” Javeriana University, “China and Latin America: Strategic Partners in a Multipolar World?,” September 3, 2012


Regulating Market Order in China: Economic Ideas, Marginal Markets and the State,” PhD Dissertation, Cornell University, January 2008

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