Matt Ferchen


My primary research focus is Chinese political economy, or state-economy relations. My dissertation was about domestic Chinese political economy, with a focus on informal street vendors and the Urban Management Bureau, or the now-infamous 城管 (ChengGuan). In the dissertation I also focused on academic and policy debates about how the Chinese state could best provide “market order” (市场秩序) or, how the state could to promote “stability” while deepening market reform. I have published one brief comparative analysis on the informal markets in China and Latin America, focusing on the street vendor-ChengGuan topic. In addition, I have a longer, peer-reviewed academic article about the “China Model” that builds on my dissertation research. I am currently extending my interest in China’s comparative political economy to new projects on China as a “Developmental State” and on China’s excessively liberal foreign economic policy.

After completing the dissertation and joining the International Relations Department at Tsinghua, I renewed a long-standing interest from my undergraduate and Master’s degree days: China-Latin America relations. Now a major portion of my academic as well policy research and writing is devoted to the politics of China’s trade and investment relations with Latin America. I have one academic publication on China-Latin America relations and numerous other shorter policy pieces that are all available on my Carnegie-Tsinghua site.


My dissertation: “Regulating Market Order in China: Economic Ideas, Marginal Markets and the State,” PhD Dissertation, Cornell University, January 2008

Peer-Reviewed Academic Publications

My article on the China Model: Whose China Model Is It Anyway? The Contentious Search for ConsensusReview of International Political Economy (RIPE), April 3, 2013

My academic China-Latin America piece: China–Latin America Relations: Long-term Boon or Short-term Boom?“, The Chinese Journal of International Politics (CJIP), January 28, 2011

Academic Publications in Progress

Market Orders: China’s Search for Stability at Home and Abroad Book manuscript for submission to Cornell University Press

“Political Risk Analysis with Chinese Characteristics: The Curious Case of Venezuela” For submission to Studies in Comparative International Development (SCID)

“Developmental States vs State Capitalism: China’s Political Economy in Comparative East Asian Perspective” For submission to International Organization (IO)

Co-edited Volumes

China’s Rise and International Norms: A CJIP Reader The Chinese Journal of International Politics, August 2012. Co-edited with Sun Xuefeng and M. Taylor Fravel.

China and East Asian Regional Order: A Reader The Chinese Journal of International Politics, July 2011. Co-edited with Sun Xuefeng and M. Taylor Fravel.

Rethinking China’s Rise: A Reader The Chinese Journal of International Politics, August 2010. Co-edited with Sun Xuefeng and M. Taylor Fravel.

Policy Analysis and Opinion

China, Latin America, and the End of the Commodity BoomEL PAÍS, January 9, 2015

Crude Complications: Venezuela, China, and the United StatesCarnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, October 23, 2014

Time to Rethink China’s Peaceful Development PolicyCarnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, November 6, 2013

China and Venezuela: Equity Oil and Political RiskChina Brief, Volume 13, Issue 3, February 1, 2013

China’s Risk Analysis in Latin AmericaCarnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Q&A, January 11, 2013

China’s Misguided Hugo Chávez Love AffairThe Diplomat, November 30, 2012

Short informal economy piece: Informality in China and Latin America: Comparisons and InteractionsIn Setting the Agenda: Asia and Latin America in the 21st Century, edited by Ariel C. Armony, University of Miami, Center for Latin American Studies, October 2012: 67-72.

“The China Model in Transition: Domestic and International Implications” Javeriana University, “China and Latin America: Strategic Partners in a Multipolar World?,” September 3, 2012

China’s Latin American InterestsCarnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Q&A, April 6, 2012

“China-Latin America Relations: The End of the Honeymoon?” China Brief (AmCham China), Volume 20, Number 1, January/February 2012: 11-12.

Export Dependence: If China Stops, Then What?” (with Alicia Garcia-Herrero) China Economic Quarterly, Volume 15, Issue 3, September 2011: 33-37