Matt Ferchen



May 2015

China’s got talent: the ‘financial diplomats’ reshaping the country’s role on global stage” South China Morning Post, May 22

Does China have what it takes to lead the AIIB?” South China Morning Post, May 15

April 2015

China-led Asian bank challenges US dominance of global economy” South China Morning Post, April 11

February 2015

油价下跌,对中国利弊几何?” 纽约时报中文网, February 6

Q. and A.: Matt Ferchen on China and the Price of Oil” The New York Times, February 2

January 2015

中国拉美重定位” Caixin, January 19

Oggi in Cina – Giù il petrolio, riserve in crescita” China Files, January 19

油价下跌对中国有利有弊 或扼杀新能源技术开发” 参考消息, January 16

Aseguran que China quedó en posición “incómoda” con Venezuela por petróleo” El Nacional, January 13

英媒:中国已同意在委内瑞拉投200亿美元中国网, January 13

China offers financial support for LA countries” China Daily, January 12

China realizará millonaria inversión en América Latina” El Pais, January 9

金援委内瑞拉 北京不只为石油” 维新闻, January 8

马杜罗访华吃下定心丸” 第一财经, January 8

中国再借委内瑞拉200亿美元 以防此前贷款违约” 腾讯网, January 8

China agrees to invest $20bn in Venezuela to help offset effects of oil price slump” The Guardian, January 8

China hails growing ties with Latin American bloc” Al Jazeera, January 8

China’s Xi woos Latin America with $250 billion investments” Reuters, January 8

Com foro latino-americano, China reforça presença no “quintal” dos EUA” Folha de S.Paulo, January 7


December 2014

美媒:中国经济放缓需求减少 “急坏”拉美国家” Cankao Xiaoxi, December 18

Slowdown in China Bruises Economy in Latin America” New York Times, December 16

China intenta consolidar su influencia mundial a través de millonarios proyectos ferroviarios” El Mercurio, December 14

Falling Oil Prices Push Venezuela Deeper Into China’s Orbit” Bloomberg, December 12

外媒:中国能源需求增长快 转向进口邻国低价石油Cankao Xiaoxi, December 9

Falling prices may pose new test for China oil policies, speakers sayOil and Gas Journal, December 4

November 2014

UN climate talks: is China still a poor country?” China Dialogue, November 26

Railway Dispute Shows Weaknesses of China-Mexico Economic TiesWorld Politics Review, November 17

October 2014

中拉合作不能盲目追求“国际标准” CSSN, October 20

September 2014

港媒:中国通过铁路技术出口打造世界影响力” China Daily, September 9

China builds influence, one railway at a time” South China Morning Post, September 9

August 2014

BRICS Launches New Development BankVoice of America, August 12

陈懋修:中日拉美政策异多同少Caixin, August 5

安倍拉美之旅背后Caixin, August 4

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